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FindME Showcase Summer 2023

Triumphing Through Rain and Resilience

FindMEShowcase June Mtl Girls Day1

Photo credits: Story by Melvin

The FindME Showcase event for girls commenced amidst the challenge of inclement weather, yet the young athletes displayed unwavering determination to impress the 25+ coaches in attendance. While the rain attempted to dampen spirits, it could not extinguish the athletes’ passion to showcase their talent. Their ultimate goal? To secure coveted positions in high-level soccer programs, be it in North American schools, colleges, or professional teams.

Day One: Overcoming Rain with Resilience

As the first day of the FindME Showcase event unfolded, the participants encountered less-than-ideal weather conditions. Gentle rain showers fell intermittently, creating a slight hurdle for the athletes and organizers. However, the girls refused to let the weather rain on their parade. With an unyielding spirit, they turned this challenge into an opportunity to demonstrate their fortitude and adaptability.

FindMEShowcase June Mtl Girls Day1

The Resilient Spirit of the Athletes

The true essence of the athletes shone brightly amidst the raindrops. Despite the occasional drizzle and damp fields, the girls exhibited remarkable resilience. Determined to make the most of their time on the pitch, they showcased their technical skills, tactical acumen, and physical prowess with unwavering enthusiasm. Their collective motivation stemmed from the shared dream of excelling in the sport and securing their spot in esteemed soccer programs.

Striving for Excellence

The FindME Showcase event provided a unique platform for aspiring female soccer players to capture the attention of coaches and scouts from renowned institutions and professional teams. With over 25 coaches present, the athletes relished the opportunity to display their talent and leave a lasting impression. The atmosphere crackled with excitement as each participant pushed themselves to their limits, determined to showcase their abilities and prove their worth.

Looking Ahead to Day Two

With the resounding success of the first day, anticipation and excitement have reached new heights for the upcoming final day of the FindME Showcase event. Participants, organizers, and coaches alike eagerly await another day of action-packed talent and fervor. As the athletes prepare for their last chance to shine, they carry with them the memories of their exceptional performances from the previous day, fueling their motivation to surpass expectations.


The FindME Showcase event for girls stands as a testament to the unwavering spirit of young female soccer players. Despite encountering intermittent rain showers, these athletes showcased remarkable determination, resilience, and talent. This event not only offers a platform for these gifted individuals to pursue their dreams but also signifies the growing prominence and recognition of women’s soccer. As the participants gear up for the final day of the event, one thing is certain: the FindME Showcase has already made an indelible impact on the journey of these aspiring soccer stars, regardless of the weather’s attempts to intervene.


Photo credits: Story by Melvin

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