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Showcasing athletes globaly
SUMMER 2024 - Montreal

Our showcase provides a unique platform for young aspiring soccer athletes from across North America to demonstrate their talents in front of prestigious prep schools, colleges, universities, and professional coaches from NCAA, NJCAA, USL, CPL, Usports, and even MLS.


Girls: June 27th and 28th 2024
Boys: July 2nd and 3rd 2024

Event capacity (95%)

Limited spots left! The FindME summer 2024 Showcase is nearly full and the excitement is building. Act fast to reserve your place among the stars in Montreal. Secure your spot before it's too late!

Don't miss the chance to be part of the action at Complexe sportif St-Jean-Vianney. Reserve your place today.



Athletes Powered by FMSpro

At FMSpro, we believe in the transformative power of sports and education, and we’re fueled by the ambition and resilience of our young athletes. From dreams realized on the pitch to unparalleled experiences off it, our journey has been enriched by the heartfelt stories of those we’ve had the privilege to support through our FindME Showcases events.

Every testimonial stands testament to our mission and dedication. We are profoundly grateful for each athlete who has shared their journey with us and taken a moment to pen their experiences. Dive deep into these testimonials that not only celebrate individual successes but also illuminate the unwavering commitment of FMSpro in aiding young athletes in their pursuit of greatness, both in sports and academics.

It’s with immense pride and gratitude that we present to you their stories of triumph, growth, and gratitude.


Are you a member of the FMSpro family? We’d love to hear your story! Share your experiences and journey with us through our online testimonial form. Your insights and triumphs can inspire others on their path to success!

Noah has gone above and beyond for Julian, talking to coaches, carefully selecting the best school for him, and being his constant advisor. Prior to university choices, Noah set Julian up with tryouts throughout Europe that resulted in Julian landing a spot on the junior club Bohemian FC – the #1 club in Ireland. I can’t recommend Noah and Jacob strongly enough – they are there for you every step of the way, bringing clarity to what is often an overwhelming process for both parents and kids.

Julian Hughes
Buffalo State

Thank you FMS Pro for your honesty, help and dedication in this amazing process/ journey. You were there every step of the way. We truly appreciate all that you have done and that you are still doing for Juliano. You are very dedicated, keep doing what you do!!!

Juliano Masella
Choate Rosemary Hall

A big thank you to Noah, Jacob, and the team for helping me throughout the whole process of getting me into a D1 school. They helped out a lot with different aspects, and Noah was always working hard trying to help me find the best fit for me. I got a lot of opportunities helped by FMS Pro.

Anais van Doesburg
UT Rio Grande Valley

FMSPro has been a life-changing experience for me. With the amazing help of Noah and Jacob after the showcase, I’ve been able to find a school that was a perfect fit for me and achieve my goal of playing soccer at a prep school. This new environment has improved me a lot as a soccer player and also as an individual. I wish everyone could experience what FMSPro has allowed me to do. I am incredibly grateful for this opportunity. This is the first and most important step. A huge thank you to FMSPro, and I am so excited to reach the next level.

Charles Paquin
Kent School

I want to thank FMSpro for giving me the opportunity to pursue both my soccer career and studies at the University of Massachusetts Lowell. FMSpro worked tirelessly and supported me throughout the entire process. They provided insightful guidance, which ultimately helped me choose the right fit. In my opinion, no one goes to the lengths that FMSpro does to ensure the success and well-being of their athletes. Most importantly, I’d like to express my deepest gratitude to FMSpro for their unwavering dedication and hard work in finding me a “second home.”

Daniele Mastroianni
UMass Lowell

I had a wonderful experience with FMSpro. Noah was deeply involved in the process and provided guidance every step of the way. He was committed to finding the perfect fit for me Thank you, FMSpro!

Mia Eva Girgis
Umass Lowell

The showcases are well-organized. Players receive coaching from college coaches during warm-ups, which offers a glimpse into their coaching style. It also provides an opportunity to bond with them. Noah and Jacob are outstanding, and they genuinely care about our success.

Leyla Llanos
Kents Hill School

FMSpro has given me the opportunity to live a dream lifestyle at a prep school I adore. They treat me like family, a rare find in this industry. Thanks to them, I’m embarking on my journey to attend a university and play soccer in the USA.

Nico Malouin
Hoosac School

The experience has been amazing. They provided me with exposure to both the prep and college levels. They’ve also placed me where I am today.

Anthony Marziliano
Loomis Chaffee

FMSpro was really good to me. It provided me with significant exposure, and now I have the opportunity to play in the United States. Noah and his team told me they had a plan for me, and they kept their word. Truly, this program is top-tier!

Rodney Sarazin-Moise
Salt Lake Community College

I had a very positive experience with FMSPro and FMS Showcase. I discovered FMS’s showcases through the Clean-Sheet International Goalkeeper Academy and Rino Angelino. I instantly recognized the professionalism of FMS, as Rino only associates with reputable organizations. My first ever showcase was the summer showcase. There, I witnessed representatives from prep schools, universities, pro clubs, and semi-pro clubs. With about 50 coaches from 50 different institutions and clubs, the turnout was genuinely impressive. FMS is the only organization in Quebec that offers such extensive exposure.

During the showcase, several coaches expressed interest in me. After the event, the support from Noah and Jacob was invaluable in evaluating the various opportunities and determining the best fit. Eventually, Noah connected me with Phelps School in Pennsylvania, which needed someone for my position, goalkeeper. The school boasts a top 10 soccer program in the US and offers ample exposure. Furthermore, they participate in the elite Prep Premier League, which features many of the country’s top prep soccer programs.

The journey to my current position was seamless, thanks to FMSPro’s diligence in ensuring everything went smoothly and in my best interest. FMSPro genuinely cares about individuals and strives to find the perfect fit. I’m deeply grateful for this new chapter in my life, and it wouldn’t have been possible without FMSPro’s support.

Anselme Poirier
Phelps School

Without FMS, I wouldn’t be where I am today. They guided me onto the right path and helped me make the best decision when it came to choosing my school. Undoubtedly, FMS stands out from the rest in helping athletes find their way, and I’m grateful for our ongoing collaboration.

Konstantinos Triantafillou
Elmira college

They helped me a lot. They are always there for me no matter the time and always look to put me in the best condition.

Ross Appolon
Stetson University

FMSpro helped me in so many ways. With their help, I realized one of my dreams of playing D1 soccer in the USA. They saw something in me and helped me get in touch with so many coaches! Noah and Jacob Eisenberg are two incredible humans that help young soccer players realize their dreams.

Thanks to them and to all the staff at FMSpro / FindME Showcases!

Xavier Gagnon
Western Illinois University

FMSpro has been a blessing for me. I wouldn’t be in the position I am in right now without FMSpro. Playing at a top NCAA school has been one of my biggest goals, and I highly thank FMSpro for making it possible to achieve.

Kevin Hamalian
Suny Cortland

FMSpro made my college recruitment process easy. From start to finish, Jacob and Noah dedicated endless hours to ensure I got the right offer from the right school. Now that I am finally here, I am extremely happy both on and off the field, which shows how committed FMSpro was to ensuring a happy future for me.

Even today, FMSpro continues to put in the work to ensure my future continues to grow in the right direction on the field and in the classroom.

Daniele Di Giorgio
University of Massachusetts Lowell

FMSpro played a pivotal role in my journey to committing to play at the collegiate level. FMSpro exposed me to a broader network of college coaches and provided access to a higher level of competition. It wasn’t just the platform itself that made a difference; it was the support and guidance I received from Noah, who became an invaluable mentor on this path.

What FMSpro has going is revolutionary for ballers out of Montreal. My experience has taught me so much, and I have really learned what it takes to be great at higher levels.

Winston Ivory
Chapman University

FMSpro has been a real game changer in my recruitment process. The ambition and constant determination that both Noah and Jacob apply to every showcase, meeting, call, and message is only one reason among others for which FMSpro is what it is now. During the whole process, my demands and wishes were respected and prioritized, and my expectations were surpassed. Even though their job is technically done, they still make sure that everything goes as planned and provide the necessary help in various situations.

I put my trust in FMS Pro, and I would do it again.

Philippe Peloquin
Howard University

If I were to describe my experience at FMSpro in a word, I would say unique! Because the number of opportunities that FMSpro offered me was beyond my expectations.

Kevin Landry Kono Yamna
Houston Christian University

Great level of players at the showcase. Also, an enormous amount of coaches from all different levels and locations. The founders of the showcase also do a great job of trying to find the best offers and fits for their players. They also make sure to follow up with the kids they signed after they leave for their new homes.

Alex Fleury
Stony Brook University

My experience with FMSpro has been exceptional. At no point was I left high and dry, and Noah stuck with me during the whole process. He would consistently call to check in on me and helped me find a college. If anything was wrong, he would contact the coaches to see what was happening. The best thing about FMSpro is that there’s no nonsense; never did Noah try to push me into a school or tell me I should really go there when I showed doubt. As soon as I didn’t like or wasn’t sure about a school, we moved on right away; it was always my choice, with his advice.

Lucas Pilotto
Gettysburg College

FMSpro has really helped me recently. This experience allowed me to find a new family here at Western Connecticut State University. Today, I feel good, and I would never have gotten here without the opportunity that FMSpro gave me. I love their mentality and their way of doing things. Thank you, Noah and Jacob, for these opportunities. Many other people are having great experiences thanks to you.

Justin Rivest
Western Connecticut State University

FindMe Showcases has helped tremendously with my dream of playing college soccer. The transparency that the team provides is rare to find, as FMSpro puts your future first and tries to help you find the perfect fit.

Gustav Scheibler
St. Lawrence University


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