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Showcasing athletes globaly
SUMMER 2024 - Montreal

Our showcase provides a unique platform for young aspiring soccer athletes from across North America to demonstrate their talents in front of prestigious prep schools, colleges, universities, and professional coaches from NCAA, NJCAA, USL, CPL, Usports, and even MLS.


Girls: June 27th and 28th 2024
Boys: July 2nd and 3rd 2024

Event capacity (95%)

Limited spots left! The FindME summer 2024 Showcase is nearly full and the excitement is building. Act fast to reserve your place among the stars in Montreal. Secure your spot before it's too late!

Don't miss the chance to be part of the action at Complexe sportif St-Jean-Vianney. Reserve your place today.


FindME Showcase Summer 2023


After four exhilarating days of impressive displays of athleticism, teamwork, and an unwavering spirit, the FindME Showcase Summer 2023 has concluded on an unequivocally high note. This year’s event stands as an exemplary testament to the bright future of soccer, shedding light on the promising talents who demonstrated their skills, determination, and resilience under challenging weather conditions and pressure-packed situations.

Video credits: Terranian produtions

Boys Showcase:

A Display of Determination and Talent

FindME Showcase 2023 Boys

Our inaugural two-day Boys Showcase (day 1, day 2) commenced with more than 190 enthusiastic male athletes stepping onto the soccer field, eager to showcase their talent. More than 40 coaches and scouts, representing esteemed organizations from North America, had their eyes set on the pitches. These young athletes gave their all, demonstrating their impressive skills, agility, and teamwork that impressed all present. The energy was electric, the ambition palpable, and the potential undeniable.

FindME Showcase Summer 2023: A Resounding Success on the Final Day

FindME Showcase June 2023 Montreal
FindME Showcase Summer 2023 A Resounding Success on the Final Day Photo credits: Story by Melvin The boys’s edition of the FindME Showcase Summer 2023 in Montreal came to a thrilling conclusion with its final day leaving a lasting impact on everyone involved. Once again, the weather proved to be on our side, defying the […]

FindME Showcase Summer 2023: A Promising Start to Aspiring Soccer Athletes

FindME Showcase June 2023 Montreal
The FindME Showcase Summer 2023 kicked off with enthusiasm and excitement. Participants enjoyed a rain-free and smog-free day, impressing 40+ coaches from renowned schools, universities, and pro teams. Players showcased their talent, built connections, and eagerly anticipate the closing day to secure their dream opportunities. FindME Showcase has become a remarkable platform for aspiring soccer athletes to turn their dreams into reality.


La GR7NTA Award

Antoine Chabtini

Antoine Chabtini, a stalwart fullback from MHM U17AAA, emerged as a beacon of exceptional talent, being recognized with the esteemed Jason Di Tullio La GR7NTA Award. His unwavering passion and extraordinary intensity left an indelible impression on everyone present, setting a high benchmark for the athletes who would follow in his footsteps.

Girls Showcase:

Resilience, Skill and Persistence

FindME Showcase 2023 Girls

Following the boys’ event, the Girls Showcase (day 1, day 2) took center stage. The intermittent rain did little to dampen the spirit of the girls who transformed the challenge into an opportunity to showcase their adaptability and resilience. Over 120 gifted female athletes made their mark on the field, leaving a lasting impression on over 25 top-tier coaches and scouts.

FindME Showcase Event for Girls: Shining Bright on Day Two

Day 2 of the FindME girls’ showcase unfolded under perfect weather with intense soccer & standout performances. The coveted Jason DiTulio award recognized the most impactful player. A monumental day for women’s soccer!

FindME Showcase Event for Girls: Triumphing Through Rain and Resilience

Despite the rain, the FindME Showcase for girls commenced with unwavering determination. Resilient athletes showcased their talent, driven by dreams of playing at high-level soccer programs. Anticipation builds for the final day after a successful start.


La GR7NTA Award

Sofia Mammoliti

Among the many stars that shone brightly on the field, Sofia Mammoliti stood out with her captivating performances. A right back defender representing Hamilton United, Sofia’s exceptional dedication to excellence did not go unnoticed. Her talent and intensity earned her the coveted Jason Di Tullio LA GR7NTA Award, a well-deserved accolade for a promising athlete.

Celebrating Success and Looking Ahead

Looking back at these inspiring four days, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the participants, coaches, scouts, and all the people behind the scenes who contributed to making the FindME Showcase Summer 2023 an astounding success.
However, the journey does not end here. The connections made, skills honed, and achievements celebrated during the Showcase are only the beginning of a long and fruitful journey in the world of soccer.
We are excited to invite our participants to a complimentary follow-up meeting where we will delve deeper into the outcomes of the Showcase and discuss future prospects. This meeting is an invaluable opportunity for you to engage further with your potential future, grasp the opportunities ahead, and lay the groundwork for your soccer careers.
Schedule your spot for this meeting through our convenient online scheduling solution. We look forward to seeing you there, and to many more exciting soccer events in the future.
Find your potential. Forge your path. Shine at FindME Showcase.



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