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Showcasing athletes globaly
SUMMER 2024 - Montreal

Our showcase provides a unique platform for young aspiring soccer athletes from across North America to demonstrate their talents in front of prestigious prep schools, colleges, universities, and professional coaches from NCAA, NJCAA, USL, CPL, Usports, and even MLS.


Girls: June 27th and 28th 2024
Boys: July 2nd and 3rd 2024

Event capacity (95%)

Limited spots left! The FindME summer 2024 Showcase is nearly full and the excitement is building. Act fast to reserve your place among the stars in Montreal. Secure your spot before it's too late!

Don't miss the chance to be part of the action at Complexe sportif St-Jean-Vianney. Reserve your place today.


FindME Showcase Winter 2024:
A Stage for Rising Stars

Uniting Talent, Tenacity, and Triumph in the Heart of Winter

The FindME Showcase Winter 2024 was a dynamic four-day event, starting with an enthusiastic opening and intensive training sessions for young soccer talents. The showcase highlighted the skills and potential of participants through drills, matches, and a focus on both boys’ and girls’ teams, attracting over 70 boys’ coaches and 60 girls’ coaches. Despite challenges with the boys’ Day 2 venue, the event still concluded with two College Fairs, one for boys and one for girls, alongside awards and a celebration of resilience and victory, emphasizing the spirit of competition and the promising future of soccer talents. The showcase was a testament to the dedication of athletes, coaches, and families.


Energized Beginnings for the boys

FindME Showcase 2023 Boys
Day 1 of the FindME Showcase Winter 2024 ignited with over 180 boys registering and participating in training sessions, setting a vibrant atmosphere for the weekend ahead. These young athletes displayed exceptional talent and eagerness, readying themselves for the showcase games. With more than 70 coaches from prep, college, and professional levels in attendance, the event was a fertile ground for scouting the next top athlete for various organizations. The day set a high standard for the competition and networking opportunities to follow.


Girls’ Showcase Spotlight

FindME Showcase 2023 Boys
Day 2 of the FindME Showcase Winter 2024 turned the spotlight to the 120+ registered girls, engaging them in rigorous drills and training to showcase their abilities. This session was tailored for the 60+ prep, college, and pro coaches in attendance, setting the stage for recruitment opportunities. The day also featured the first boys’ game, encapsulating the showcase’s competitive essence with an intense match that kept spectators on the edge of their seats.


Game Day Unfolds

FindME Showcase 2023 Boys
For the girls competing at St-Laurent, Day 3 of the FindME Showcase Winter 2024 was marked by tournament-style games that showcased their skills in hour-long matches. Alongside the competition, they had the unique chance to attend the prestigious FindMe Showcase College Fair. This event provided them with an invaluable platform for networking and exposure, connecting them with over 60 coaches from prep, university, and professional teams, further enhancing their experience and opportunities for recruitment.
At Marie-Victorin, the boys participated in their own set of tournament-style games, highlighting their skills in a series of hour-long matches throughout the day. This format offered the boys a chance to shine in a competitive setting, capturing the attention of scouts and coaches present. Their day was focused on the games, presenting an essential opportunity to demonstrate their prowess and potential to the visiting representatives from various sports organizations, setting the stage for future opportunities in their athletic careers.


Climactic Conclusions

FindME Showcase 2023 Boys
For the boys, Day 4 brought unexpected challenges due to venue issues, leading to the cancellation of most games. However, the day was not without its merits, as the boys participated in a College Fair and managed to complete one game, demonstrating their adaptability and positive spirit in the face of adversity. While the day did not go as planned, it served as a reminder of the importance of resilience. The organizers have pledged to make amends for the boys’ showcase in the upcoming summer event, ensuring that the spirit of competition and opportunity for showcasing talent remains undiminished.
On Day 4 at St-Laurent, the girls’ showcase culminated in a thrilling conclusion with non-stop action and nail-biting finals for Tournaments A and B. This day was a testament to their resilience, determination, and exceptional spirit, as teams battled it out to crown the champions in an electrifying atmosphere. The success of the girls’ showcase not only highlighted the athletes’ talents but also underscored the event’s commitment to providing a platform for showcasing and celebrating female athletic excellence.

Celebrating Success and Looking Ahead

Reflecting on the dynamic four days of the FindME Showcase Winter 2024, we extend our sincere thanks to the athletes, coaches, scouts, support teams, and our sponsors for their essential contributions to the event’s success. This showcase is merely the beginning of promising soccer careers. We invite participants to a complimentary one-on-one review meeting to delve into the Showcase’s impact and future opportunities, a vital step for those looking to advance their soccer careers. Book your session through our online system and contribute to the future of soccer.


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