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FindME Showcase Summer 2023

A Promising Start to Aspiring Soccer Athletes

FindME Showcase June 2023 Montreal

Photo credits: Story by Melvin

The FindME Showcase Summer 2023 edition kicked-off this morning, filled with boundless enthusiasm and excitement. Despite yesterday’s smoggy weather conditions and the concerns about rain in the forecast today, the event seemed to have received a stroke of luck. Participants were treated to a rain-free and pleasantly warm day, and most notably, a smog-free environment. The first day of the showcase witnessed an impressive gathering of over 150 talented male soccer players, all eager to exhibit their skills and capture the attention of the esteemed group of 40+ coaches present. These coaches represented renowned schools, universities, and professional teams, known for their prominence in the world of soccer, from both Canada and the United States.

A Day of Enthusiasm and Talent:

From the moment the showcase began, it was evident that the players were highly motivated to demonstrate their abilities. The three pitches were abuzz with energy as aspiring soccer athletes engaged in drills and matches, showcasing their talent and impressing the coaches with their skills, agility, and teamwork. The dynamic interaction between the players and coaches created an electric atmosphere, fueling the players’ desire to excel and secure a spot in their preferred organizations.

Building Connections:

FindME Showcase June 2023 Montreal coaches

Photo credits: Story by Melvin

The showcase not only provided a platform for players to exhibit their abilities but also offered them a valuable opportunity to connect with the coaches. After the morning session, a college fair-like session was organized where players had the chance to meet and greet the coaches. This informal setting allowed for more personal interactions and discussions about the players’ aspirations and potential opportunities within the coaches’ organizations. It was a moment of networking, where players and coaches could establish connections that might shape their future in the world of soccer.

Looking Ahead:

With the success of the first day, anticipation for the showcase’s closing day is running high. Players are eager to continue their journey tomorrow morning and further impress the coaches. The final day presents the chance for players to leave a lasting impression and potentially secure a place within their preferred organizations. The showcase has undoubtedly ignited a spark of ambition and determination in these aspiring soccer athletes, and they are ready to give their all to turn their dreams into reality.

In conclusion

The FindME Showcase Summer 2023 edition began with tremendous excitement and promising prospects. The first day was a true display of the extraordinary talent possessed by over 150 male soccer players, captivating the esteemed group of coaches in attendance. The dynamic drills and matches created an exhilarating atmosphere, allowing players to truly shine and showcase their abilities. The college fair-like session provided a unique opportunity for players to connect with coaches on a personal level, further enhancing the significance of the event. As we eagerly anticipate the final day of the showcase, we remain optimistic for favorable conditions. We hope for continued success as the players strive to secure their desired positions within their preferred organizations. Undoubtedly, the FindME Showcase Summer 2023 has proven to be an exceptional platform for aspiring soccer athletes, paving the way for them to transform their dreams into reality.


Photo credits: Story by Melvin

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