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Girls Shine at FindME 2024 Kickoff

An Absolutely Perfect Day Action-Packed with Registration, Drills, Games, La Gr7nta Award, and College Fair!

    Over 150 talented girl soccer players registered to the 2024 FindMe Showcase!

    We’re excited to announce the launch of our 2024 FindME Showcase! The event is off to a sunny start, with over 150 talented girls participating and more than 40 coaches in attendance. This magnificent first day, made possible with the help of the very organized team at St-Jean-Vianney, is just the beginning of an exciting journey for these young athletes.

    40+ coaches and scouts from prep schools & NCAA universities!

    The day kicked off with an intense drill session in the morning, followed by 10 full games that showcased the incredible talent of the participants. The 40+ coaches and scouts were very impressed with the level of play the girls brought to the pitch. The girls outdid themselves, playing with prowess and clearly enjoying themselves while being very competitive—a perfect mix.

    A special congratulations to all the Players-of-the-Match winners for Day 1:

    • Elle Wiseman (Central Attacking Mid)
    • Ava Young (Right Winger)
    • Eve Lamarche (Central Defensive Midfielder)
    • Leila Iannizzi (Left Winger)
    • Taejah Aitken (Midfielder)
    • Clara Daoust (Right Winger)
    • Aidé Estelle Pokou (Midfielder)
    • Julia Schofield (Left Winger)
    • Elizabeth Proulx (Center Back)
    • Sky Cuscuna (Striker)
    Elle Wiseman
    Ava Young
    Eve Lamarche
    Leila Iannizzi
    Taejah Aitken
    Clara Daoust
    Aidé Estelle Pokou
    Julia Schofield
    Elizabeth Proulx
    Sky Cuscuna

    Girls FindME 2024 College Fair!

    FindME 2024 Summer Girls College Fair

    On this first day, the girls attended the highly coveted College Fair, where they had the opportunity to meet one-on-one with their choice of schools (preparatory, colleges, universities). It was a perfect turnout with a lot of potential commitments to come!

    As we wrap up this thrilling first day, the excitement continues to build for tomorrow. With more drills, games, and opportunities to impress the coaches, we can’t wait to see what the second day has in store. Stay tuned for more incredible performances and unforgettable moments as our showcase continues!


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