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Girls Conclude FindME 2024 Showcase

An Exciting Day Filled with Non-Stop Games and a Grand Finale!

FindMe 2024-06 Girls Day1 Recap

After an exhilarating first day, the girls returned for Day 2, which proved to be just as fun-filled and exciting. The day was action-packed with high-level competitive 11×11 games throughout.

With over 20 games played across the two days, these rising stars had their chance to shine before prestigious organizations. We witnessed countless opportunities unfolding directly on the pitch between coaches and athletes, as well as many more promising interactions that are sure to develop post-event.

A special congratulations to all the Players-of-the-Match winners for Day 2:

  • Katya Enriquez Jeanty (Center Back)
  • Mia Voutsinas (Striker)
  • Miranda Colmenares (Midfielder)
  • Mikayla Belanger (Attacking Midfielder)
  • Élodie Quévillon (Center Back)
  • Marilou Harvey (Striker)
  • Madeleine Boucher (Goalkeeper)
  • Maila Brunelle (Right Back)
  • Jade Arruda (Center Back)
  • Elle Wiseman (Center Attacking Midfielder)
  • Alexie Cypihot (Goalkeeper)
Katya Enriquez Jeanty
Mia Voutsinas
Miranda Colmenares
Mikayla Belanger
Élodie Quévillon
Marilou Harvey
Madeleine Boucher
Maila Brunelle
Jade Arruda
Elle Wiseman
Alexie Cypihot
Remax Inifité
As you have all witnessed, we had extensive media coverage through photographers, videographers, and the game coverage by our Veos. We have a few teasers available now, and you can expect a ton more to come in the next few days in our Media Archive section. Stay tuned for a lot more—like, a lot!

We want to congratulate everyone who came to compete and showcase their talents. We strongly encourage athletes to follow up on any leads they may have received during the showcase and to consider taking advantage of FMSpro’s one-on-one post-event meetings. During these meetings, you can summarize your performances with our team and explore the opportunities available to you.


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