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The Jason Di Tullio GR7NTA Award

The Jason Di Tullio GR7NTA Award

Photo credits: The Jason Di Tullio Foundation

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The Jason Di Tullio Foundation, a nonprofit organization, was established to honor Jason Di Tullio’s legacy by supporting brain cancer research and promoting youth soccer development through our scholarship program. Jason aspired to be a brain cancer ambassador, and together, we can provide hope to those affected by this disease in his memory. Jason also had an unparalleled passion for soccer, encompassing the field, the ball, his teammates, the staff, and especially the development of young players. To carry on Jason’s work in helping local youth soccer players flourish and succeed, we have created the Jason Di Tullio Scholarship.

During the FMSPRO FindMeShowcase, one girl and one boy will be chosen to receive the Jason Di Tullio La GR7NTA award, given to the player who best embodies the GR7NTA mentality. These individuals will be added to the foundation’s official list of potential Jason Di Tullio Scholarship recipients.

You might be wondering, what is La GR7NTA?

What is La GR7NTA

La grinta is an emotion and lifestyle encapsulated in one phrase: How badly do you really want it? Once you can answer this question from the depths of your soul, only then can you carry out the process, face adversity, and embrace the daily grind toward becoming a CHAMPION! For Jason, La GR7NTA was more than just a word; it was a way of life, how he lived, and what he wanted his players to embody both on and off the field.

Embrace this warrior mentality this weekend and every day moving forward. Always approach everything with intensity, passion, determination, and a competitive mindset. Strive to be the best physically and tactically, and never give up. It all begins with training, accountability, and being a good teammate.” – JDT-

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