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Mila Germana at Kent School

Mila Germana to Kent School

FMSpro celebrates Mila Germana’s commitment to Kent School, marking a significant milestone in her journey as a dual-sport athlete. Mila, whose prowess on the soccer field is matched by her achievements on the basketball court, has consistently shown herself to be a versatile and dynamic player.

In soccer, Mila is a force to be reckoned with, capable of making a significant impact anywhere in the defense or forward positions. Her exceptional scoring ability and aggressive playing style have made her a key player on every team she’s been part of, such as MRO, the Hatiana team¬†and PLSJQ St Laurent team.

Mila’s talent in basketball, where she has honed her skills with RedRush Basketball under Coach Denburk Reid, speaks volumes about her dedication, versatility, and commitment to excellence in all her athletic endeavors.

Beyond her athletic talents, Mila is a standout student, embodying the true spirit of a scholar-athlete with her academic achievements. At Kent School, she is anticipated to bring her formidable skills to the soccer team, where Head Coach Olivia Pena expects her to make an immediate impact. The basketball program at Kent is also eagerly awaiting her contribution, recognizing the depth of experience and skill she brings from her time with RedRush Basketball.

We extend our heartiest congratulations to Mila on her commitment to Kent School. Your FMSpro family is incredibly proud of you, and we look forward to seeing the extraordinary things you will achieve. Your journey is a testament to where hard work, talent, and passion can lead, and we are excited to follow your continued success in both soccer and basketball.

Congratulations, Mila! Here’s to your bright future at Kent.

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