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Showcasing athletes globaly
SUMMER 2024 - Montreal

Our showcase provides a unique platform for young aspiring soccer athletes from across North America to demonstrate their talents in front of prestigious prep schools, colleges, universities, and professional coaches from NCAA, NJCAA, USL, CPL, Usports, and even MLS.


Girls: June 27th and 28th 2024
Boys: July 2nd and 3rd 2024

Event capacity (95%)

Limited spots left! The FindME summer 2024 Showcase is nearly full and the excitement is building. Act fast to reserve your place among the stars in Montreal. Secure your spot before it's too late!

Don't miss the chance to be part of the action at Complexe sportif St-Jean-Vianney. Reserve your place today.



Blythe Alderson to University of St. Thomas

Blythe Alderson to University of St. Thomas

FMSpro is proud to announce the signing of Blythe Alderson with NCAA D1 University of St. Thomas in Minnesota. Blythe is highly ranked as one of the best CBs in Ontario. The 2007-born player is very physical and plays a vital role in the backline for Rush. Blythe developed last season with the talented 2007 Hamilton United group, which was one of the best sides in Canada. Known for her distribution and physicality, Blythe is a fantastic defender, especially 1v1. She’s very hard to beat and has a super smart IQ for the game. On top of being a very talented player, Blythe has an impressive 4.0 GPA, making her an extremely attractive prospect. St. Thomas is one of the top private schools in Minnesota, and the institution is academically ranked. The head coach is Sheilah McGill. Coach McGill is very excited about the addition of Blythe. She needed a center back who can come in and play right away and knows Blythe will definitely be that person.

Big congratulations to Blythe, and we wish you all the best!

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