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Showcasing athletes globaly
SUMMER 2024 - Montreal

Our showcase provides a unique platform for young aspiring soccer athletes from across North America to demonstrate their talents in front of prestigious prep schools, colleges, universities, and professional coaches from NCAA, NJCAA, USL, CPL, Usports, and even MLS.


Girls: June 27th and 28th 2024
Boys: July 2nd and 3rd 2024

Event capacity (95%)

Limited spots left! The FindME summer 2024 Showcase is nearly full and the excitement is building. Act fast to reserve your place among the stars in Montreal. Secure your spot before it's too late!

Don't miss the chance to be part of the action at Complexe sportif St-Jean-Vianney. Reserve your place today.


FindME Showcase Feb 2024

one-on-one follow-up review meeting

We’re still buzzing from the energy of the recent FindME Showcase and we’re eager to keep the momentum going! As a participant, you’ve shown us your unique talents and aspirations, and now it’s time to take the next step.

As a token of our gratitude for your participation, we’re offering a complimentary, personalized one-on-one follow-up review meeting. This is your opportunity to delve into your individual showcase experience, reflect on your performance, and discuss the lessons you’ve learned. This session will lead us into the Opportunity Mapping phase, where we’ll identify potential fits within our extensive network of prep schools and colleges. We believe this mapping process is crucial to enhancing your academic and athletic journey.

To make this process as convenient as possible, we’re offering this one-on-one meeting in person, over Zoom, or via telephone. We’ve set up a scheduling solution based on your region and time availability. In-person meetings are available for Montreal South Shore, Montreal East, West-Island, and Laval regions. For participants from other regions, we’re more than happy to accommodate you through a Zoom meeting.


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